Monday, January 3, 2011

What do you do when you cant do an actual "sharpie art car" ?

Beau Boeckmann wanted me to customize a new Ford fiesta that he wanted to be displayed in the GAS booth for SEMA 2010..... This was the idea i proposed to Beau for the sharpie fiesta....thanks to Vinyl wrap I was able to complete this car in about 3.5 weeks instead of three months and made it in time for the photoshoot for the Galpin calender.
The art work i drew with sharpie by hand, then later scanned in the computer  and cleaned up.

Got Your Galpin calender?
the final product
LA Love
Totally unexpected! Once i arrived at SEMA...i was told that the urban street fiesta i did recieved a SEMA award from from the Ford Motor Company For Special recognition in outstanding achievement in design. Definitely made my year!

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