Friday, January 7, 2011

Viscom 4: Pre 1970's classic car rendering assignment (2008)

1888 Benz tricycle (Hand drawn on grey canson paper using markers, color pencils, chalk pastel, and guache)

Viscom 5: BatMobile (2008)

This was a viscom assignment that involved designing a new look for the BatMobile in an environment, which had a story to go along with it. This is my version titled "The Jokers Ambush"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Air Force Super Cars: Mustang X-1 / Challenger Vapor (2009)

January 2009, I was only a few days into my internship at Galpin Auto Sports when the Air Force approached GAS to design and build two wild custom cars featuring the latest and greatest technology the Air Force had to offer. Both these cars (Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger) had to be completed in 3 months! I got the honor to contribute my artistic skills and design ideas along with the GAS crew in creating two insane rides that are both without a doubt real head turners. I have to admit this was one heck of a cool project to be part of, especially just being an intern at the time.

You can see the build videos here:

Every designer has to start somewhere.....

So i was looking through my hard drive today and came across a folder titled "old drawings". Decided to take a look and discovered some old tuner cars drawn on line paper that i did in high school and some drawings i did at PCC, as i continued scrolling down through the folder i found this little Gem that i totally forgot about. My 15 minutes of fame at only 10 years old.....ah memories.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Graffiti'd Out LEXUS IS!

BEFORE: Sharpie'd out on matte white vinyl wrap

CURRENTLY: Graff'd out on matte white vinyl wrap

    see the process here:      

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What would you do to a GEM? (2009)

January 2009, I got the opportunity to work with movie car designer Fireball Tim (art center alumni) for about a month before i went to G.A.S . What i learned from Tim was to push imagination and just be wild ....One assignment he gave me was to come up with ideas for the GEM electric vehicle for promotional is just a glimpse of some of the whackiness...

Darkside 67 chevelle (2009)

In 2009, Galpin Auto Sports was approached by a customer who wanted a one of kind bada$$ chevelle.
Luckily Me and a Co worker at the time collaborated on coming up with the look of the car. Our result "darkside chevelle". Must say that the customer was a little more then thrilled when he saw the proposal. About year later, the car was completed by the talented GAS crew. Here are the pics!
Interior Design proposal rendering.

Viscom 7: learn how to convey an idea or concept with the least amount of effort....thanks Jae Min :) (2010)

I will admit.....Every Viscom Class I've had at art center has been the best part of my time there..... I've definitely learned alot from Viscom 3,4,5,6, and 7....I'm Thankful to all my talented viscom instructors (designers) for bringing out my potential and instilling the discipline to keep improving.

Its an oldie, but remains one of my favorites.

I did this photorealistic rendering in 2005 while attending Pasadena City College.
This is a rendering of the crushed front end of my BMW, which was involved in a head on collision  in december 2004.
I chose this photo not only as a way to remember my car, but it was a great exercise when it came to learning about detail, color and composition. (all this was done by hand using markers, color pencils, chalk pastel and guache on Illustration board)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Timeless to me....

SEMA 2010: 2011 Ford Explorer rendering

A rendering i did for press release:
SEMA 2010: Galpin Auto Sports 2011 Ford Explorer AWD Limited

What do you do when you cant do an actual "sharpie art car" ?

Beau Boeckmann wanted me to customize a new Ford fiesta that he wanted to be displayed in the GAS booth for SEMA 2010..... This was the idea i proposed to Beau for the sharpie fiesta....thanks to Vinyl wrap I was able to complete this car in about 3.5 weeks instead of three months and made it in time for the photoshoot for the Galpin calender.
The art work i drew with sharpie by hand, then later scanned in the computer  and cleaned up.

Got Your Galpin calender?
the final product
LA Love
Totally unexpected! Once i arrived at SEMA...i was told that the urban street fiesta i did recieved a SEMA award from from the Ford Motor Company For Special recognition in outstanding achievement in design. Definitely made my year!

"Tinker Bell" Honda Insight Promotional Car (2009)

May 2009 Disney approached Galpin Auto Sports to Design and Build them a promotional car  for "tinker bell and the lost treasure" I got the honor of being able to design the exterior (Vinyl Wrap) and interior for the car. It was by far one of the best learning experiences when it came to learning how to do Vinyl wrap Design and how to work with an iconic company!
A glimpse of the interior when it was in progress....the scepter does actually function 

here is the final product 3.5 months later.

In November of 2009 The car is put on display in front the Theme park.

Rusty Slammington (2010)

"Rusty" such an inspiration

For those not familiar with the stance is a caricature of a very well known BMW 5 series "rusty slammington" that has gone through more looks then michael jackson.. 

a tid bit of exaggeration (2010)

the inspiration.

So its 2011.. thought i start off this new year and blog with a caricature i did for James church who owns this vipd out Lexus GS 300...He liked it.