Monday, September 12, 2011

XGAMES 17 charity hood.

The Concept

The Final Product

Luis's Sick Airbrush Skills

Hung up in Xgames booth For many to see

Interviewed about the concept of the hood.

Bryan Deegan: one of many athletes to sign the hood

I literally chased down Ryan sheckler to have him sign our hood  

The hood became an attraction at the auction, serving as a nice backdrop for photos :)

Luis and I awkward handshake for a job well done...look at all the athletes that stepped up :)

At the end of July GAS was commissioned to create a custom painted hood that would be auctioned off at the commencement of XGAMES 17...We only had a week total for the project, 2 of those days for design and the rest for painting...Luis (GAS painter) and I were definitely tested when it came to creating on the spot...For both of us had already alot on our plate at the the time. All i can say, that it was fun collaborating with Luis both bringing our own unique styles together to create one nice piece of art!