Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TS Designs SEMA 2011 Wide Body 5.0 Mustang

This past Saturday, I got the opportunity to do a rendering for Topo (LA's Wide Body King) of TS designs for his SEMA build. An all steel wide body 2010 Ford Mustang featuring a trufiber hood with 3d carbon boy racer kit. The car will also be sporting 3piece Forgiato Martello rims...22's all around with the rear wheels rolling with a 9" lip! Looking forward to seeing this beast at SEMA.


photochopped HAM.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Looking through my hard drive i came across this little project that i remember being one of my favorite artsy collaborative projects. A customer at GAS wanted to have a giant squid painted on the side of their Honda Del Sol. Why you ask?....Why not?. It was left up to me and Luis (GAS painter) to execute this project...I got to design the layout of the squid as well as pick the color choice for the sea creature. Luis then translated my photoshop style with his paint/airbrush style  to really make this car pop....  here's the process.. 

Fifteen52 TARMAC Wheel contest

Early June, a buddy of mine sent me a link that was a competition for a free set of wheels on Fifteen52 FB fan page. Basically, It was a contest which entailed photochoping the company's wheels on cars of your choice (creativity was up to you) Whoever has the most likes (or friends) will win a free set of TARMAC wheels.. With over 300 entries it definitely made sticking out pretty difficult.. Seeing that i dont stand a chance thought i just share my submissions....